Still avail? Interested? Hello??????????

There are a lot of things that aren’t mentioned in the Posh Etiquette section of the app but are annoyances we face on a daily basis. Instead of tearing my hair out, I decided to write this post instead. This is not meant to be vindictive but rather an outlet to joke about some of the things I’ve seen (hey, they say talking about it helps!). I’ve been asked by several ladies to make a little compilation of all the (unspoken) Posh no-nos.

Anyway, enough of my jibberjabbering…

Because $1 is gonna change my mind…

image2 (1)

Because issues come up every day of the week…

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Because every girl needs a calculator…

image1 (3).PNG

Because I don’t know what scam means #butisayitanyway… 


Because… er, pervert…


Because there are no made in USA clothing…


Because if it’s made in China, I can lowball you… #thatswhatididwithCoach


Because… I’ve never bought wholesale, but I have psychic powers…


Because if I say merc/pal more, something magical will happen… maybe… [Block User].



Because ball so low that shit cray…

image1 (1)

Because whoa whoa whoa…


Because.. Can you text me?


Because M E R C… G T F O.

12552847_458143457709789_8649154905740460733_n12607267_10201535740952109_306086835_n (1)

The end. For now.

7 thoughts on “Still avail? Interested? Hello??????????

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  2. And here I thought it was just me! I wish we could delete the rude comments we receive on an item, I repost a lot because some are so down right rude with offense language. I almost deleted my account due to a “bully” but then decided I was not going to let them win. I totally enjoy Poshmark, so I’m trying really hard not to let these bullies (that’s what I call them) win. Hurt sometimes, of course, I’m only human just as you are. Best of luck, laugh, and let it roll off your shoulder. Thank you for your blogs, just what I needed this morning! I needed a good laugh!! Haha. 😂

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