Shipping Discounts 101


Just wanted to explain shipping discounts…

1. The discount you get has NOTHING to do with the amount of the price drop. The shipping discounts are entirely based on the FINAL PRICE of the item. E.g. If you drop a $100 item to $49 (and you get shipping discount activated), the shipping will be $3.95. If you drop a $60 item to $49 (shipping discount activated), shipping will still be $3.95. Free shipping will only be applied to items with final prices $100 or above.



2. Yes the shipping discounts are still working.

3. Shipping discounts are applied to the item and not just to those who “liked” the item. E.g. Let’s say one of my items gets a shipping discount after a price drop and someone who has never ever liked the item before comes along and clicks on buy now. The shipping discount will STILL show for her. You DO NOT have to like an item to be eligible for a shipping discount.

4. Yes, you can still activate shipping discounts for your customers on a completely new listing if you do not mind spending 5-15 minutes doing so. Pro tip: DO NOT do this often. Only do it when shipping costs make or break a sale. The more times you try to do this in a day, the less likely it will work.


Step 1: Create two/three listings – same covershot (just screenshot your listing), same title, same description

image1 (5)

Step 2: Create two/three listings – all with different titles, different descriptions and differently aligned covershots. Total number of created listings from step 1 and 2 has to be 5 or above.

image1 (6)       image2

Step 3: Check your closet. You should have at least 5 listings created. Like all 5 listings all at the same time.

image1 (3)    image3

Step 4: Go into each listing and price drop all five (one after the other). Now, check your newsfeed and delete all the listings that did not get a price drop.


Step 5: Go into the listing with the price drop and tag your buyer to inform them that price drop has been activated for an hour and to click on buy now before it expires. Once your buyer reaches the buy now screen, the shipping discount will show.


Disclaimer: If you don’t get a shipping discount notification, you will need to repeat this entire process again. 90% of the time, it works for me on the first try.

13 thoughts on “Shipping Discounts 101

    • Thank you Suanne. I try to not write “share everything” posts because every time I read those I’m like… ok when to share? how to share? what to share? who to share? I wanted to create a blog where even seasoned Poshers could learn a thing or two. Hopefully, I’m living up to that standard haha!

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  1. Thanks Sarah! I knew there’s a method to the madness. I just can’t do it…I’ll take the hit on my side (drop price) rather than doing the only thing I hate on Posh (listing) repeatedly. However, you explain it well and it’s good to know😊


  2. Sarah, I notice that Postmark now has events, usually on weekends, of discounted shipping. So are you saying the discounted shipping (above) works ALL the time on the site & not when Postmark activates it? I have also seen ship price go as low as $1.95… When are the other ship prices activated? Lastly, the above methods only work with a minimum 10% discount on historic low price, correct? Thank you! Getting info from the site is daunting at best.


      • Hi Sarah, thank you for the info and the update. I’ve been having issues with price drop and have been searching poshers’ blogs for answers since I unfortunately am not getting clear answers from Poshmark. Thanks for your blog and the help!


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