The Art of Sharing

Sharing is central to selling on Poshmark because it is the easiest way to increase closet traffic. However, indiscriminate sharing is just a complete waste of your time so share smart to get the highest ROI on your time investment. I recently emailed Manish to get more details on how sharing works and discovered a thing or two about sharing algorithms. This post is everything I have gathered from all my research and personal experiences from years of selling on Poshmark…

1. Some of your shares are aggregated

What appears in your followers’ feeds follow a unique algorithm which takes into account their search history, the people they are following, brands they follow and more. Every person’s feed algorithm is like a fingerprint and is unique to them. In the email Manish sent to me, he wrote, “Each follower has their own follow graph and their own style tastes and that leads to their own unique personalized feed. Some shares are highlighted individually, others are aggregated and some others are hidden.”

2. Do not have more than one person sharing at any one time

Yes we have all been there, we’ve recruited family members and friends to help us share and others have their own personal assistants sharing too but really, too many cooks… If you were wondering what Manish meant by shares being aggregated, don’t worry I will be explaining it now. When shares are too close to each other (usually in milliseconds), only ONE share shows to your followers’ feeds. This is to ensure that the feed does not get bombarded with one person’s shares whether it is their own closet or other posher’s items.

3. Do not share to party more than once

Your listing will only appear in the party feed during a party ONCE and only at the time it was shared to the party. If you share a listing twice to the party, it will not “refresh” the listing and send it back to the top of the party feed. The second share will only go to your followers.

4. Do not wait till the last 5 minutes to share all your items to the party because…

It will NOT appear at the top of the party’s main feed when the party has ended. Poshmark stopped stagnant party feeds a long time ago – meaning that the main party feed tab keeps changing. The only way to stay on top of the main party feed tab after the party has ended is to keep sharing or updating your items (this will move them to the top of the feed). Currently, the first look, host pick, designer and nwt tabs are still stagnant.

5. Share closets that will buy your items more

You really don’t want to spend a bulk of your time sharing closets that will not be buying from you. Time is precious. You want to be doing the least amount of shares for the most amount of money. So which closets buy more?

6. Share new closets

How do you find new closets? Go to Find People -> New People -> Fresh Closets. Please note that I am not asking you to share or follow the Just Joined section mainly because these people just signed up. Most of the time, brand new Poshers forget about the app after signing up. The moment a Posher starts listing items, she will begin to check the app more. I signed up for Poshmark March 2014 but was not active on the app until April 2014. That’s one month of ignoring every thing that popped up in my newsfeed. The Fresh closet section highlights all the closets that have just started listing items = gold mine.

7. Share the FIRST LOOK tab during the afternoon and evening parties

These are all fresh listings and where you can find the most number of new closets. The evening main party feed has approximately 500,000 to 650,000 listings every night and you will only get a tiny sliver of the new closet community by sharing the main party feed.

8. Share the buyers of sold listings

Head to Shop -> Categories -> (Insert whatever category you are selling here) -> Availability: Sold

Click on the first listing you see and scroll all the way down. More often than not, a seller will tag the buyer notifying her to buy the listing or when she will be shipping the item. Click on the buyer. Share her listings and/or follow her. These are the women willing to spend money on Poshmark, which means they are ALL potential buyers. You can add filters like price points, brands and sizes to the search and find buyers that will be more likely to buy your items.

9. Share and follow your customers

If someone buys from you (and they are happy with their purchase), they will likely buy from you again. Share their items so they will come back and check out your new listings and possibly make a new purchase.

10. Share your closet often, but not always

Long gone are the days where sharing only your closet leads to more sales. As more and more users pour into the app, all feeds (including party and search) get more diluted. When bombarded with hundreds of thousands of listings, it is very easy to miss that one item. Remember to make sure the items you want to sell the most remain on the top of your closet mixed in with items that have the most likes. This way when you pop up on other Poshers’ newsfeed radars, these items are the first they will see when they check out your closet.


19 thoughts on “The Art of Sharing

  1. Excited to try all of this out. I have been doing some of it, but never to this detail. Thanks again for your great blog and all your dedication and hard work. It is appreciated.

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  2. Thanks for sharing. I was confused at first with #2 and had to bring it up in a group RWIF on facebook. First I thought, this all had to do with Poshmark until Manish sent us this reply below when someone asked him.

    “Directly from Manish responding to my email concerning the latest blog post on shares, “I think that as usual a conversation has been interpreted. I think sharing is powerful. Robotic sharing and using automated tools is not.

    We encourage the community to share all the time. I got some questions after that and in general my advice is to not change anything. Sharing has so many benefits that are beyond the feed including search which is ordered by last share time, parties, social graph and notifications. It also increases followers and the social reach.

    So there is no need to decrease sharing because people just figured out that we aggregate shares:) We don’t hide any shares as the post says but in order to show diversity of shares in a feed we may at times aggregated them. However, as said in the previous paragraph sharing is super powerful for search (drives sales), social (drives followers) and also for feed (drives sales and followers) and reciprocal sales.

    Each users who follows you will get a different experience so it is possible that some get more aggregation, some less.



    • Hi Michelle, first, I have only Reblogged this with the permission of “The Posher” Sarah @bareanthology – she is the writer of this article.
      To get to First Look, go into the party and look at the top of the screen. From left to right, you will see MAIN, HOST PICKS, FIRST LOOK, NWT and DESIGNER up there. Click on First Look. Hope that helps. Thank you for reading our Blogs too.

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  3. Good Day to you. I would Love to share your page & Info learned with permission.. Of Course with your page attached & a link, to ladies that I know, who sell Via Poshmark. It is informative. Thank you so much for putting this together. I have been testing new share styles & now OLD with many ladies. This is very helpful. I know that many ladies will flock here for this info!


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  5. I’m confused. what is a good strategy to share your closet at parties? should you list your closet before, at 9:00 sharp, 9:30 (for example) or when? If it is a tops party at 9 am, should you list the tops at 9 am and the rest of your closet after? If so, tops are at the bottom. I am totally confused what to do. thanks


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