Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

It’s been way too long since I last posted and I kinda feel a little guilty for neglecting this blog so today I decided to post a little something new.

Please don’t…

Mix personal and business Instagrams. People that follow your brand don’t want to see what you ate for dinner and people who follow you don’t want to be overloaded with pictures of clothes you are selling.

Please don’t…

Post 5-6 times an hour on Instagram. Even 2-3 times per hour is pushing it. No one likes their feed being bombarded with items. It makes people un-follow you. You want your IG page to look organic and not something that was put together in a week. You can posts more photos if there is a theme. There are many IGs that follow a theme (like Jeffrey Campbell) and they would post in blocks arranged by color/photo story.

Please don’t…

Post a bunch of stock photos. Nothing screams “I’m trying to sell you something” louder than this. No one likes looking at a steady stream of stock photos. No one likes being “obviously” advertised to.

Please do…

Create quality content. Have content that people cannot help liking. The more likes you have on an item, the higher it will appear in your followers’ feeds.

Please don’t…

Stray from your brand image. Create a unified Instagram feed and stick with it. If you are posting on firetrucks, do not add a fashion photo. If someone hasn’t been checking their Instagram for days and suddenly sees that one fashion photo, they could un-follow you thinking that you are posting irrelevant content.

Please do…

Actively engage accounts that could be potential followers/customers. Commenting is the best way to grab their attention. Go to business Instagram accounts like your own and research the people who “like” or comment on their posts.

Please do…

Use as many hashtags as you can (max 30) in the first comment on your post. DO NOT post hashtags in your caption unless it is relevant.

Yes: “Lace ups on repeat with #wcw @xyz”

No: “Lace ups on repeat with @xyz. #laceups #tops #ootd #whatiwore #fashionblogger #toocute #outfitoftheday #fashion #styling #shopping #shopmycloset” — This just looks spammy. You don’t want to look spammy.

Please do..

Use popular and less popular hashtags. #shopmycloset – 928k posts; #shopmystyle- 25k posts. It is easier for people to find your post on less popular hashtags, which means more exposure over a longer period of time.

Please do…

Think about your username. You can change this in your settings but try to avoid usernames like poshcloset23993 or __toocuteclothing_o1. Try to come up with something that is easy to type in and easy to remember.

Please do…

Get to know your audience. I cannot emphasize this point more! You need to know who you are selling to before you can market something they want or need. A 21 year old’s liking patterns, hashtag selection, clothing preferences, content preferences and even social media log on times are completely different from a 40 year old’s. Here are my stats from my Instagram account @bareanthology:


As you can see from my IG breakdown, my “average” follower is:

  • Female
  • From the US
  • Age 18-24

What does this mean for my

  • Posting schedule – College students have time to concentrate on social media in the evening when they do not have classes. College students also tend to sleep a little later so posting before bed time is optimal since they do check their phones before falling asleep
  • Content – Fresh, new content daily. All my content are by bloggers that college students can relate to. Of course, flat lays are a must and I’m trying to improve on this aspect.
  • Inventory – I try to stock items that appeal to the younger age group on my website right now because a large portion of my sales are from Instagram. Rompers, cut outs, choker tops, off shoulders are all really hot trends right now. I won’t wear most of these items, but my customers will.
  • Hashtags and captions – Research which hashtags my customers post the most to. #outfitonpoint is one of them. Use popular lingo and add those to my captions.

3 thoughts on “Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Hi Sarah! thank you for your blogs (and shares)!!! I recently started to sell retail items on my closet and I LOVE coming back here to see what i need to work on LOL. I plan on starting a IG account today specifically for my boutique. I was wondering how you were able to see your IG stats?


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