Meet The Posher


More than a year ago, my closet was bursting at its seams (you’ve all been there too… so don’t deny it lol). At this point I had two choices: donate or sell. I started searching goodwill websites but I kept stumbling on articles like this. So I did what any logical person would do and googled ways to sell clothing online. Of course, eBay was my first thought but I didn’t want to have to estimate shipping costs and then apply that to each listing (I mean hello I’m trying to make some money here and not spend money on an unnecessary weighing scale). I’m also not a very patient person so waiting in line at USPS was also not an option. I needed a “lazy person” solution to my problem.


Poshmark’s simple and painless selling process was the number one reason I chose to go with this app. Click, add a filter, post, sell, dropoff – how much easier can that get? Made my first sale within a week of joining the Posh community and got addicted right away. After I cleared out most of my closet, I decided to purchase my first batch of wholesale clothing to sell on Poshmark. I’ve been selling NWT retail on Poshmark ever since.


I started this blog to help others with their closets and I will be pouring every ounce of my Posh experience into making this as informative as possible. I hope someone out there will find this helpful!


Closet Achievements (not to toot my horn but just to lend legitimacy to my writing):