Shipping Discounts 101


Just wanted to explain shipping discounts…

1. The discount you get has NOTHING to do with the amount of the price drop. The shipping discounts are entirely based on the FINAL PRICE of the item. E.g. If you drop a $100 item to $49 (and you get shipping discount activated), the shipping will be $3.95. If you drop a $60 item to $49 (shipping discount activated), shipping will still be $3.95. Free shipping will only be applied to items with final prices $100 or above.


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Retail Detail

Now that you are a Posh addict selling the shirt off your back, maybe it’s time to think about turning your Posh closet into a business. You don’t have to go in to retail; there are also money making opportunities in consignment and resale. I am writing about retail because it is what I do and not because it is the most lucrative of all Poshmark businesses. I will also be doing one on one mentoring for ONE closet just starting retail so please email me at with your closet name, why you want to go into retail and what your #poshgoals are for your closet!

Disclaimer: If you are here to learn about suppliers, you are out of luck because I won’t be revealing them. All the retailers on Poshmark had to hustle to get their suppliers and I refuse to stomp on their efforts. If this really is your “dream”, then you’ve got to do the legwork and build your own buyer-supplier relationships. Sourcing for products is the very foundation of your business and sourcing for solutions to a problem is how successful people remain successful. If your problem is having no suppliers, get in on the hustle or GTFO of retail.

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The Covershot: Photography Essentials

A covershot introduces your item to all the ladies on Poshmark and you only get one chance to make a good first impression so make it count! When it comes to taking pictures, practice (really) makes perfect. If you start taking pictures regularly, you will develop your own unique style of photography. To write this guide, I did a little experimenting on Poshmark. I put up two listings of the same item using different covershots and shared both of them in equal amounts. I then checked out the “likes” on these two listings a day later. If you’d like to know what I found, then…

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