Real Poshers, Real Opinions on the Wholesale Portal

In December 2015, Poshmark decided to launch a new feature: the wholesale portal. Since then, it has experienced mixed results. Sarah and I have had our own experiences on the matter (“I” being Sarah’s significant other),¬†ranging from “not very useful” to “this is harming retail on Poshmark.” As a retailer on Poshmark, we have noticed a few trends:

  1. The prices on the wholesale portal are ridiculous.
  2. A lot of retail closets we’ve seen have a “strange” amount of identical items.
  3. This has led to a lot of retailers slashing their prices.

While we have other supplier sources, the success of the greater Posh retail ecosystem means greater success for us.  Its a classic case of clustering. If the retail environment is good on Poshmark, more people will shop retail on Poshmark, and retailers benefit from it. So we wanted to take the opportunity to examine the wholesale portal.

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Retail Analytics

Since Poshmark does¬†not provide any¬†reports for retail sellers, I decided to do some analyzing of my own. I’ve recorded the last 300+ transactions (through availability: sold) for each of these four categories. I have broken bundles down to sort them by item e.g. bundle of two tops for $36 = $18 and $18 per top. Of course, this isn’t a complete accurate picture of the actual last 300 sold items in each category but I needed to know and this was the easiest way I could find answers. If you want to check out what I have found…

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The Art of Sharing

Sharing is central¬†to selling on Poshmark¬†because¬†it is¬†the easiest way to increase closet traffic. However, indiscriminate sharing is just a complete waste of your time so share smart to get the highest ROI on your time investment. I recently emailed Manish to get more details on how sharing works¬†and discovered¬†a thing or two about sharing algorithms. This post is everything¬†I have gathered from all my research and personal experiences from years of selling on Poshmark… Continue reading

Still avail? Interested? Hello??????????

There are a lot of things that aren’t mentioned in the Posh Etiquette section of the app but are annoyances we face on a daily basis. Instead of tearing my hair out, I decided to write this post instead. This is not meant to be vindictive but rather an outlet to joke about some of the things I’ve seen (hey, they say talking about it helps!). I’ve been asked by several ladies to make a little compilation of all the (unspoken) Posh no-nos.

Anyway, enough of my jibberjabbering…

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