What can I list on Poshmark?

1. Women’s clothing/accessories/shoes

  • Pre-loved: All pre-owned items have to be in good, working condition. Don’t list a bag with a huge hole in it. In my opinion, clothing that are covered in pet hair or smell like a 3 year old cigarette are not in good condition even if they are new without tags. You can sell damaged items but it is pertinent that you list ALL damages in the description and provide pictures if necessary. Some are willing to buy a $10 Coach bag if just the zipper is broken.
  • NWT: New With Tags means exactly that. Brand new, with tags attached. New without tags items are not to be put in this category.
  • NWT Retail: Items that have only been sold as retail for the first time. This means these items have been bought from wholesalers, not consignment stores, retail outlets or flash sale sites. If you buy a Coach purse for $50 from a factory outlet and are intending to sell it on Poshmark for a higher price, it will be under NWT (if tags are attached) and not NWT Retail. All original clothing tags (especially the ones that are sewn on) have to be attached.


Unless you are a licensed Kate Spade retailer, don’t put your items down as NWT Retail. It should just be NWT.

2. Used lingerie

  • Used bras and swimwear are now allowed on Poshmark
  • Used underwear (ew!) is still prohibited

3. Electronics, books, dvds, electronics, home goods/decor

  • Not allowed
  • According to Posh: If you can plug it in somewhere, it is an electronic.
  • However, agendas and journals are allowed!


Get this Louis Vuitton small agenda at @achorly’s closet!

4. Illegal items 

  • Are not allowed
  • Stolen/scammed items
  • Replicas and fakes. This is an important one. Even if the description states “inspired by”, that item is not allowed on Poshmark. Sellers are also not allowed to use a brand name for “promotional purposes”. See below.


Not the Reformation “Avalon” bodysuit nor from Nasty Gal. Big no-no.

5. Makeup

  • Absolutely no used makeup.
  • Makeup has to be new and sealed. Makeup that has been swatched (even if it was only once) is not allowed. Makeup that has been opened for photo taking purposes is not allowed. Posh is absolutely firm on the term “sealed“.
  • Liquid makeup is allowed as long as it is NWT and sealed – liquid eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, concealer are all allowed.
  • NWT and sealed HOMEMADE makeup is not allowed.
  • Makeup brushes are allowed if they are NWT.
  • Combs, hair brushes and hair products are strictly not allowed.


Do not open to take pictures of the different colors. Do not test out the colors. Do not list if you have used it, even once.

This is why you should not buy used makeup.

6. Health and wellness products are not allowed

  • No slimming wraps, weight loss pills, skincare products, detox products, protein shakes, herbal and diet supplements, massage oils and prescription medication.
  • No body wash, shampoo, bath gels, bath scents, cream, makeup remover and toiletries.
  • No sunscreen, anti aging cream, facial wipes, hair and face masks, hand sanitizers and moisturizers
  • No vitamins

7. USPS friendly products only

  • Poshmark uses USPS labels and so we have to follow USPS mailing policies. No aerosols, cigarettes & tobacco, nail polish, perfumes, poisons, alcoholic beverages, lithium batteries, perishable items, paint and firearms.

8. Other types of clothing

  • Men’s clothing and children’s clothing are strictly not allowed on Poshmark.
  • Unisex clothing is allowed. But this needs to be stated in the description.


Two for a great price. Get these American Apparel unisex sweatshirts at @gretchmo’s closet!

9. Miscellaneous items

  • Art and crafts items, gemstones, book shelves, cars, jewelry boxes, plants, lawnmowers and more are not allowed


Really? Don’t.

  • Umbrellas are considered accessories and are allowed.


It’s plaid season! Get this super cute J. Crew Plaid Umbrella from @ravonbrooks

  • New and used hair wigs and extensions are allowed
  • NWT temporary tattoos are allowed

10. Mystery boxes

  • Are allowed!!!! (woot!)
  • “The purchase of mystery boxes are also permitted at the buyer’s own risk. We encourage Poshers to ask any questions they have before purchasing this type of listing.”

11. Contests, giveaways, sweepstakes

  • ARE NOT ALLOWED (if they are Poshmark related)
    • e.g. you are doing a giveaway on social media to promote your IG account but the giveaway items are in your Poshmark closet = allowed.
  • ARE NOT ALLOWED if they are on the Poshmark platform.
    • FB, IG, Pinterest, Twitter ok
  • Considered solicitation
  • You know those terms and conditions you “agreed” to? It states Poshers are not to engage in “unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, commercial activities and/or sales, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” “contests,” “sweepstakes”, or any other form of solicitation”


Unfortunately, no. 😦

12. Harassing, bullying and hindering sales

  • Creating listings that single out and criticize Poshers are not allowed.
  • Creating listings that say “don’t buy this from her, you can get it cheaper at…” are not allowed (even leaving a comment on the listing is frowned upon). Whether or not you have good intentions, you are interfering with a sale.
  • Creating multiple accounts to harass a Posher is not allowed
  • Leaving multiple insulting or vulgar comments is not allowed

13. Consultation services

  • Offering Posh advice for money is allowed outside of Posh
  • Sharing other Poshers’ closets for money is allowed outside of Posh
  • However, you cannot be a Suggested User or a Party Host and charge a fee for these services. And you cannot list these services in your Poshmark closet. You are allowed to list it as a link on your profile.
  • Hiring help/interns/someone to share your closet, answer questions on Poshmark and basically make life easier for you so you can grow your Posh empire is allowed.

14. Off-Posh selling

  • Listings that direct Poshers to other platforms (ebay, etsy) are not allowed.
  • Directly promoting your own store website (bigcartel, storenvy, shopify, wordpress stores) through Poshmark is not allowed. You are allowed to have a link in your profile.

This is all I can remember off the top of my head for now. If you guys want me to include anything else, please email me at: herparallax@gmail.com. Happy Poshing!